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Staying Relevant and Connected: IEAA Marketing and Recruitment Forum 2023.

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In his presentation, Derek shares insights on the latest trends in international student recruitment, including:
  • The changing demographics of international students
  • The impact of AI on digital marketers
  • The importance of data-driven marketing
  • The latest marketing automation technologies
If you are a digital marketer who is looking to improve your international student recruitment results, we have a number of resources that will help you learn about the latest marketing automation technologies that can help you reach and engage more international students.

About IEAA
The International Education Association of Australia.

"IEAA is Australia’s leading association for international education. We strive to empower professionals, engage institutions and enhance Australia’s reputation as a provider of world-class education. We provide advocacy and member services relevant to professional staff, academics and teachers across all sectors.

We deliver high-quality professional learning to advance members’ careers and enhance the quality of Australian international education. We also drive new research to highlight emerging trends, inform strategy and policy, and enrich the sector's knowledge. Together with affiliated bodies, corporate partners and government, we work together to promote the benefits of international education to the broader community."*
*SOURCE: IEAA website
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DISCLAIMER: My brain was exhausted after two days, so I used BART (or Brad if you're Peline) to prepare the above summary. I made a few edits, but it's pretty much on the mark. What do you think?

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