The following is an excerpt from Eloqua's Topliners Community site:

"We're excited to bring the AppCloud into Topliners as it will make it easier for you to discover new apps, share, comment on and follow your favourite AppCloud apps, and collaborate with the broader marketing community - all within a single destination.

With humble beginnings, our Eloqua AppCloud initially launched back in June 2010, with around 2 dozen apps. 

Fast forward just over 2 years, and with over 100 apps in the marketplace now, we've found that over 90% of our customers have tried out apps from the Eloqua AppCloud. 

These apps are helping modern marketers like you, drive more revenue, better understand and engage your buyers, and reduce the amount of manual effort required in ongoing tasks."
Here's Some Social Stats You Can Share at Your organisation
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For Eloqua 10 customers, the integration of social with your campaigns is easy. Using the Cloud Components within Eloqua you can add a huge range of social apps to support a wide range of functions.

For example, instead of presenting visitors with a form to complete in order to capture their basic details, why not allow them to "register with" LinkedIn?

Their basic details are captured and if you have another question beyond the basics demographic details provided by LinkedIn, they will be presented with that question from your form.
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To access the Cloud Components, click on the Cloud Components button from the Landing Page canvas, it's on the left hand side.
You'll then see a range of Components you can pug into your landing page. You can at the top of this page we've used three of the components to help you get social with this page.

For Eloqua 10 customers, visit TopLiners to learn more from your peers about the best way to use the Cloud Components to enhance your campaigns.
Are SME's Getting a "Social Leg Up"?
With a significant focus by many organisations on the ROI of Social Media, there has been plenty of discussion around 'how' we measure the effectiveness of Social Media.
"The ROI of Social Media is Your Business will still Exist
in 5 Years"
In our discussions with clients around the use of social in their campaigns, the response varies. The response varies pretty much along the lines of the graph above.

For our clients under $150m in revenue they're far more nimble and able to make decisions without the involvement of legal or public relations departments.

In one conversation this week, our client explained how they impose a "LinkedIn Training Session" on any staff who may be interacting with their prospects or clients via LinkedIn as a representative of the company.

This make sense, it's much like the media training executives have to have before they can speak with traditional media i.e. TV and Press. Should social media have a different set of rules?
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Perhaps not a different set of rules, but there needs to be an appreciation for the fact that social media happens in seconds and minutes, not days, weeks and months like traditional media channels.

Last month we talked about OBVIAM and how they provide social media training for companies across Asia Pac.

We also talked previously about the idea of Community Managers and how, as a natural extension of your customer service team, they can engage directly with your socially enabled prospects and customers in real time.

They key is incorporating those interactions within a system that is easily audited and has enterprise functionality. Oracle Social Relationship Management is a strong contender in this space.
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Here's some examples of Apps available on the Eloqua AppCloud:
Amazon Gift Card Bridge
Citrix GoToWebinar
Kapost Calendar App
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We had such a good response to last month's social newsletter, we've added some details below to help you get more from the Social apps within Eloqua Cloud Components. Feel free to share your socially enabled landing pages with us on our facebook page.