It's time for Your organisation to work more video into your campaigns.
90% of online video will be consumed
by 18-34 year-olds
in 2015

Source: iStock - watch the video above.
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If you're anything like the average digital marketer, you're probably very focused on campaigns and the performance of those campaigns. If you're looking to improve that performance, it's time to think of video more seriously.

For Eloqua clients, it's easy to embed YouTube clips into Landing Pages i.e. as we have above. If you have a YouTube channel, you can use those assets in your campaigns to help improve the level of engagement of your audience.

From a CX (Customer Experience) point of view there is plenty of research to show that video
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enhances your CX. From the simple "How Do I" style of video's through to short product messages or service updates.
Taking the time to produce videos is not as hard as you think. I recently attended a seminar hosted by Viocorp - a video management platform where they had customers talking about their video production process.

They ranged from studios built into the office to financial advisers filmed using an iPhone and uploaded to the web using Apple's iMovie.
Wine Producer Targets "Millenials"
On Their Own Terms.

"Gallo in recent years has also shifted its emphasis to digital and in-store marketing. "The reality is that we compete in a very, very fragmented category and to effectively and efficiently reach our consumers, we have moved away from television advertising and more toward targeted advertising," Ms. Gallo said."
In our August Meetup we talked about the buying behaviour of Millenials and the need for companies to review their marketing strategy in order to reach this new and different buyer.

I stumbled across an article in AdAge - CMO Strategy and felt there were some learnings for
Your organisation and Marketing Cube.

E. & J. Gallo Winery is the world's largest family-owned winery and the largest exporter of California wine. For the past 80 years they've produced award winning wines for the US domestic and international markets.
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It seems the US wine market faced a perception problem, wine was for "snobs" and beer was the 'All American' beverage of choice.

Gallo realised they had to change the way they engaged with customers and the way they communicated their message.

Oracle Eloqua and Compendium creates an advanced marketing platform that enables companies to effectively deliver targeted and compelling digital content throughout the customer lifecycle for an exceptional customer experience.

Oracle Eloqua announced this month they've acquired Compendium.
To make the Ad Age Viral Video
Chart these days, it takes at least
1.5 million views.

Kony amassed 41 million views in
one day.

Samsung's Galaxy S III campaign
was bigger than all of Apple's campaigns combined.

In 115 million views for presidential campaign ads, only 4.7 million came from Facebook.

Campaigns that launch before the Super Bowl on the web generate 600% more views.

M&Ms. won the Super Bowl with 85% of views driven by their audience.

Gangnam Style powered through 2.6 billion views in 2012 (not a billion).

Cats are more viral than dogs
in video.

Paid apps generate nearly 500,000 more views than free apps.

Audiences chose to watch ads 4.6 billion times in 2012.
Ten Stats That Will Change the Way
You Look At Video in 2013
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Video's Watched with Vidyard
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"I've always been fascinated with the role that the Gallo brand has played in American society," said Ms. Gallo, granddaughter of Ernest Gallo, who founded the company in 1933 with his brother, Julio.

"[Their] mission was really to democratize wine. They believed 80 years ago that wine was not an elitist beverage." It took a while, but "we are just starting to see that," she added.

"Millennial consumers are "not tied to traditions that have usually governed wine, and it's because they are drinking wine at a social level," Ms. Gallo said. Unlike previous generations, young adults will try anything, including wine served over ice, from a screw-top bottle or even out of a box."
One way to enhance the way you communicate with customers is to let them drive the messages you share. Automated Marketing, verses simple email marketing is a differentiator.

Email Marketing is simply sending an email to your contact database and repeating the process over and over regardless of the response from your contacts.

Marketing Automation is the ability to analyse the way people are engaging and then automatically driving content based on their digital behaviour.
Do you understand your
Buyer's Journey

It's easy as marketers to continue doing what we've always done. Why change? Because buyers have changed, that's a given.

Now is the time to change because it will give
Your organisation a competitive advantage.

The first step is to understand our buyer's journey, map it and understand how and when we should engage on the buyer's terms, not ours.
"Compendium’s content marketing solution helps companies plan, produce and deliver engaging content more effectively by aligning content with customer data and profiles"
This is great news for Your organisation, while it's early days, we can expect integration with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud in the new year. Exisiting integration is available through the App Cloud, however we would expect improved integration now that the acquisition has taken place. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.
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