Is Social Still Proving a Challenge for Your organisation?
We're finding that social is still a hot topic of conversation for many CMO's and their peers. The challenge is taking the talking and turning it into action.

Are Community Managers part of your Social Strategy ?

As organisations slowly engage with prospects and customers via social media, many find the need for a Community Manager soon follows.
This past week, we met with another agency focussed on delivering a range of social media services to their clients. When we talk about Oracle Social Relationship Management, many aren't aware that Oracle plays in this space.
"If a business wishes to become closer to their customer they need to identify, foster and build large and engaged social communities. They need to nurture enterprise level  social interaction via any channel and at all points of promotion, content collaboration and customer service. 

A Community Manager will be responsible for delivering on-brand content and conversation whilst identifying where this can be leveraged into other existing digital environments and platforms."

Lee-Martin Seymour
Managing Director
Talentforce - Recruitment for the Cloud.
So this section of the newsletter is a shameless plug for Oracle's enterprise social solution. Social Relationship Management (SRM) delivers social solutions for the smallest company through to the largest multi-national or
government organisation.

Welcome !
There could be reason for nerves, we've seen some big Australian brands take a hit with selected social campaigns. This month we met with an Australian company, Obviam. Obviam is based in Sydney with an office in Singapore. They have a long list of customers that you'd be familiar with. It was interesting to talk about their engagements and what they do. They help their customers build robust strategies for social campaigns as well as provide education and training for those who will be preparing and executing social campaigns.

Social Data is a Challenge
Their engagements vary from clients who have not started down the social campaign journey, to those who have experienced some challenges and need a hand to get back on track. One of the key challenges Obviam have identified, is the volume of data that's collected via various social marketing tools and then being in a position to act on that data i.e. use it to engage in a more meaningful way with prospects and customers.

Your Message Can Easily Become Diluted, Negatively Impacting your (CX)
Customer Experience

With many staff driving various aspects of your engagement with prospects and customers, it's difficult to ensure continuity across your CX. In years gone by, executives had to attend media training before they could speak on behalf of the company, today anyone with an internet connection and a social sign on can speak for your business. Are you comfortable with this?

Is This a Big Data Problem?
The answer to that question depends on the approach Your organisation has taken and is relative to the amount of data captured, where it's stored and which systems/people within your organisation have access to it. The right people have to have access to the right data at the right time. Regardless of it being a Big Data problem, the fundamental issue of connectivity between your various systems should be one of your key objectives.

Where do you find these people? Did they exist 3 years ago? Yes, they did, but we called them different things. Today, you'll find Community Managers in your Public Relations department, your Customer Service/Call Centre or perhaps in Marketing. You may even have staff hosting discussion groups on Facebook or even a Meetup.
What Are Recruiters Saying?
I raised this subject with Lee-Martin Seymour of Talentforce, specifically in relation to Community Managers and what companies are looking for when they realise they need a Community Manager.

Enter the Era of the Community Manager
When Your organisation make the decision to listen, engage and potentially market to your prospects and clients , you're going to want to be in a position to make the right decisions. Call Adrian or Derek today on 02 8244 0007 to talk further.

"Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) enables organisations to socially enable the way they do business—without the cost and complexity of social silos. It's a strategy to be more engaging and responsive at scale, listen and respond at the speed of social, with a consistency and transparency customers will value. Oracle SRM includes the following social solutions:"
  1. Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring Cloud Service
  2. Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service
  3. Oracle Social Network
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