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CloudWorld 2014 will help shape your CX Strategy
Marketing Automation helps you engage with your business partners in a personalised way. You can measure their engagement and determine what's important to them.
Eloqua Segmentation Tips
Throughout 2014 Marketing Cube
will provide a range or resources
to help
Your organisation use Eloqua to build smart CX campaigns.
It took 5 hours to produce this campaign. Actual Eloqua build time was about 2 hours. We spent 3 hours finding the right images and developing the copy.
Recent Wins: It always good to share good news. As we bring new customers on board, we share this information with partners.

Regular Monthly Newsletter: Using Eloqua’s dynamic content functionality, we create a partner newsletter. For example, of the three articles we share I actually write about six articles in total. Our newsletter audience covers prospects, customers and partners.

Human Capital Updates: As our team grows, it’s important to ensure our business partners are up to date with the Marketing Cube team and how they can engage with us.
Throughout 2014 you can expect greater information from us around CX and ways to enhance CX with Your organisation customers. We’ll also engage you with to capture your preferences in more detail to deliver more about what you’re looking for from us.
2013 has seen a huge focus, some may say a refocus, on the customer. However, speaking with our customers, we hear a lot of discussion around lead generation and less about customers.

For Eloqua customers, you have access to a platform that enables you to engage and deliver increased value to your customer base.
In an effort to deliver the best possible customer experience (CX), many organisations like Your organisation have worked hard to understand their buyer’s journey and then explore what happens after a prospect becomes a customer.

More forward thinking organisations have gone a step further to understand the range of buyer personas in their eco system.

By mapping the buyer’s journey, overlaying that with personas and adding to that the level of personalisation available through Eloqua, marketers are able to engage at a level not previously dreamed of.
Click on the blog button above to read some of our initial thoughts around getting staff on board with your CX strategy.
Plan now for your 2014 holiday communications
Taking that a step further, it made sense to create an Australia Day message. Then it made sense to cover off Easter, ANZAC Day and the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June.

We wrapped these up in a single campaign called “2013/14 Holiday Messages”. Each email has a little bit of fun with each holiday and advises our prospects and customers of our opening hours during these breaks.
Marketing Automation provides exactly that, automation. This past week as we prepared our Christmas email message. We thought we’d have some fun and schedule a Happy New Year email to go out at 12:01am on the 1st of January.

Oracle CloudWorld 2013 was held in Sydney with around 900 people attending the one day conference. 2014 is Melbourne's turn. CloudWorld provides Your organisation with an opportunity to invest a full day in understanding what's happening in the Cloud and how the Cloud can drive Customer Experience.
There are a range of tracks throughout the day to suit your various areas of interest. We suggest you look at:
  • Transform Marketing & Sell Smarter
  • Delight Customers
If Social is on your radar for 2014, you'll want to make sure you get to see Reggie Bradford Senior Vice President of Product Development.

Most of us work with business partners in one capacity or another. At Marketing Cube, we work with Oracle Corporation and a range of other partners in the marketing automation eco-system.

Maintaining those relationships and keeping partners informed is an important part of the role within the Marketing team.

A few examples of how we engage with business partners:
How's your communication with business partners?
Eloqua’s ability to segment is tremendously powerful in helping you get the right message to the right people. Many organisations that work with business partners have a range of ways to group partners.

In the Telecommunications industry you will want to address “Dealer Principles”. In parts of the Financial Services industry you will want to engage “Financial Advisors”. It’s likely that you have these people and their roles identified in your CRM at the contact level. Through integration, Eloqua can bring this data into the Segmentation area to help to target the right people.
For example, you want
to see…

All “Dealer Principles” in…
“QLD and VIC” with…
current “ Open Opportunities” with…
a value “greater than $200k” expected…
to “Close in the next quarter”…

and then add to that….

“Dealer Principles” who have viewed…
“Specific Web pages in the past 30 days” and….
“Attended face to face events in the past 60 days”.
What ever the range of variables are, it’s very likely Eloqua can create a very targeted segmented list to help you get the right message to the right people at the right time.

In this example we've capture not only profile/demographic data, but also engagement data i.e. email opens, landing page visits etc. Segmentation like this is a great way to find the right audience for your trigger based campaigns.
Register today for our February 6th Marketing Automation Meetup.

The February Meetup will focus on building a Lead Nurturing Campaign.
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