Gain advantage from understanding Digital Body Language
Reading and responding to your prospects’ digital buying behaviour.
"According to the Corporate Executive Board, 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier."

—The End of Solution Sales
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  • How To Navigate The New Sales Process
  • Embrace Your Online Buyers
  • Reading & Responding To Digital Body Language (DBL)
  • From Batch and Blast to Targeted Efficiency
  • Reaping The Rewards Of Comprehensive DBL Strategies
"A vast majority (87%) of B2B buyers said online content has either a major or moderate impact on vendor preference and selection, according to the CMO Council."

— Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field.
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It can be challenging for B2B marketers to identify and meaningfully understand customer motivations, because oftentimes multiple decision-makers—and a relatively small number of target accounts—characterise the typical B2B purchase. Digital Body Language is the online equivalentof the facial expressions revealed during negotiating discussions.


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