The Sales Process must change, has yours?
Discover how to master selling in the digital age and we'll help you get your organisation's Marketing into the 21st century.
What role does Marketing play in supporting Sales at your organisation?

Modern Marketers understand the need to deliver not just more leads to Sales, but better quality leads.
In the Digital Age, this is tightly connected to their digital expertise.

Having a website alone, is not enough.

You should expect the following from your marketing team, at a minimum:
  1. Scored leads, qualified and automatically delivered to your CRM
  2. A detailed breakdown of your prospects Digital Body Language
  3. Automated Event Registration with reports - no excel spreadsheets
  4. Immediate notifications when HOT Leads hit your website
  5. A single view of your prospect and customer activity in the CRM
Above all , this should be personalised

Each communication from your Marketing organisation to your prospects and customers should come "from" you - if that's what you want.

Your contacts should see you as their Trusted Advisor delivering key insights and information that's relevant to them.

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Discover 5 steps you can take to master selling in the digital age.
"Today’s customer is already 57% through the buying process before they contact a sales rep, and sales cannot afford to leave that much of the purchase cycle up to chance. Sales needs to be closer aligned with marketing, ready to sniff out fresh leads and take control of the buying cycle."
...that's how far today's customers are through the buying process before they contact you!