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Market segmentation, when one size does not fit all
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In Eloqua speak, segmentation is the process of creating an audience for your campaign. It may be easily configured based on people subscribed to specific content e.g. your newsletter. It could be more complex based on a mixed audience e.g. customers with a specific product in a specific range of regions as you build an up-sell or cross-sell campaign.

While your organisation has likely completed "market" segmentation, your Eloqua Segments play a different role in your campaigns. This month we explained why Segments can be dynamic and how they differ from the static nature of what you may calls "lists".
What was on the agenda?
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • The power of Eloqua Segmentation & why you don't want to work with "Lists"
  • Which comes first, the Audience or the Campaign?
  • Tips to help you build better Audiences using Eloqua Segments
  • Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Updates & Release 21B information
  • LIVE Q&A
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