Eloqua User Group Replay:
Subscription & Preference Management.

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Does your audience have a way to really tell you what they're interested in?

Are they subscribed to "Newsletters" when you potentially have 9 different newsletters covering a range of subjects? Which one do they receive?

If you're able to collect preferences, combined with subscriptions and overlay that with profile data, all of a sudden you're in a much better position to provide people with content that they're interested in.

Eloqua provides you with the perfect engine to present, capture and segment on preferences and subscriptions.
What was on the agenda?
  • Preferences and Subscriptions, the difference and how they compliment each other and impact your content strategy.
  • Changes to the way you segment your data, design your campaigns & engage your audience.
  • We'll showcase a range of preference centres so you can see what other Eloqua customers are doing to deliver a better CX.
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua Updates & Release 19B (May) details.
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