To the marketer who’s always on and striving to engage in real-time.
Discover how Marketing Automation can help your organisation stay connected to your customers.
As today’s self-educated buyers are engaging with sales later in the buying cycle than ever, helping your sales reps have more consultative and differentiated conversations (rather than traditional product, feature, or company-focused pitches) is what makes the difference between closing a deal – or coming in too late.

Digital marketing backed with marketing automation provides the sales team with a library of content (created and tested by marketing) for various scenarios and buyer stages, so when a prospect finally reaches out, reps are ready.

Because marketing automation collects intel about prospects from head to reinforced toe, it also gives sales insight about buyers, helping sales focus on delivering personalised value. 
After you've read this Ignite Guide, you'll discover why these steps are critical:
  • Prepare your internal database.
  • Track, segment, and target your audience.
  • Engage them with email, social media, and content.
  • Nurture, route, and manage your leads.
  • Enable your sales team to take the reins.


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