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Campaign Attribution: Uncover the ROI you're seeking
Get organised today with Campaign Attribution.
If your organisation has attribution on the 'to-do' list, then this on-demand Eloqua User Group will help provide answers and point you in the right direction.

The road to attribution requires some foundation work and along the way there are some easy wins to provide better quality reporting more generally.
Examples of Campaign Canvas Design
Not just tips, but actual examples of Eloqua Canvas designs.
Given many people take a break over the December/January period, we thought we'd kick off 2019 with a quick refresh on all things Eloqua.

We focus on the Eloqua Campaign Canvas and provide specific examples of: Responding to engagement or lack of engagement & Understanding "Campaign Members". We also provide tips on how to exploit the Digital Body Language you are capturing with each campaign.
We turned the User Group over to members for Q&A
Eloqua users asked a range of questions, you may have similar questions.
User Group members were invited to submit specific questions as they registered this month. This meant a slight change to the way we ran the User Group with questions from beginning to the end.

The mix of questions was broad, ranging from privacy, Insight, CRM Integration, Email Editor and more.
Have you reviewed User Access recently?
We covered a range of suggestions to make sure security is tight. This isn't just for Administrators, but all users..
In addition we looked at managing success, looking at Campaign Insight data to help determine what worked well in the previous year and what could have worked better. We then reviewed Strategic Priorities for the year ahead as outlined by ex-Gartner analysts Matt Boon and Aparna Sundararajan and former IDC and IBRS analyst Peter Hindhave.
Ideas for using Engagement Data in your Customer's Journey?
Are you using this data? Perhaps you're not clear on how you could be using that data.
As you run your various campaigns, Eloqua is quietly gathering Digital Body Language data that you could be using to enhance your various campaigns.

Watch this replay as we share a range of ideas and share some examples that you could deploy at your organisation to ensure you're maximising your chance to engage and convert your audience.

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