Eloqua User Group Replay - If you believe a Data Scientist would help deliver better campaign outcomes, this User Group will help you.
Eloqua provides you with a rich set of tools to help manage your data. In this Eloqua User Group we looked 'under the hood' and explored various tools.
From simple changes to Contact Views, smart Form Processing Steps and the Program Canvas, you have a range of tools to help you manage your data.

In addition, Eloqua's Deduplication and Validation Rules are powerful tools for helping ensure the quality and accuracy of your Eloqua data.

Deduplication rules and handlers make it easy to remove duplicate records in an automated way; validation rules ensure that data uploaded into Eloqua or submitted in a form meets your format requirements.
What was on the agenda for August 2019?
  • An overview of the Eloqua Data Tools
  • How Custom Data Objects can help you manage your data
  • Data cleansing with Apps and additional tips to manage your data
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua 19C Updates & Release information
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