When was the last time you felt truly connected to a brand and why? Chances are, it was because you felt understood and considered. 

Sounds easy enough. But as Marketers, we know achieving such connection requires a deep understanding of your customer and building personalised experiences around them. That’s not always easy to do.

Personalisation goes well beyond the first name field merge in an email. It requires a commitment to your brand purpose and to humanising your marketing efforts, in a way that no AI, Bot or IOT could ever do.

We recently hosted an Oracle Marketing Lab on ‘Deconstructing Personalisation’. The event brought together some of New Zealand’s most successful brands to discuss the challenges of personalisation and to establish just how well we fare when it comes to building meaningful relationships with our customers. 

We’ve summarised the points made during the Auckland lab, including the current state of personalisation in NZ.  Please provide a few details on this form to access your eBook.