Harness the power of mobile marketing using a range
of techniques

What Should You Focus on To Deliver A Streamlined Mobile Marketing Experience?

1. SMS - the value of SMS can never be underestimated. SMS messages are read within three minutes of receipt. Open rates of SMS can make them 5 times more effective than email

2. Push Messaging - the ability to provide personalisation through an app. This will enable segmentation and greater targeting in order to increase engagement

3. Mobile Data Management Platform - enables the marketer to over the challenges of collecting mobile data and provide a system that will help target individualistic behaviour.

...learn more of the main features as well as how else you can benefit from implementing a mobile cross-channel marketing strategy into your next campaign.
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Lilyvale Cottage, 176 Cumberland St.
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"The adoption rate of mobile is twice that of the internet, three times that of social media,
and 10 times faster than PCs." 

  - Emma Crowe, Somo