What is the right question that Marketing should be asking of Sales? See Slide 12...
Are You Losing Sales by not
Following a Sales Process?

"Strategies like the up-selling can and should significantly improve your sales.

But this will only happen if you consider them in the wider context of the overall sales process and implement proven sales training.

This way you encourage your people to have great sales conversations instead of training them to use tactical sales techniques that lose business."

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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Dean Mannix, Director & Founder of SalesITV presented to our Marketing Automation Meetup in September of 2014. Participants were challenged by some hard hitting questions about their interactions with the Sales team.

The Key Advice to support Alignment
A Sales Process. It was as simple as that really, a common language between the Sales & Marketing team, or as we decided on the night, the "Smarketing" team.

When you have a common language and a paradigm shift
by Marketing to be more focused on closed/won sales during discussion with the Sales team, you have a far better chance of achieving alignment.
The Outcome Focus SalesITV Sales Process Diagram
(c) SalesITV - All Rights Reserved. Reproduced here with permission.

The SalesITV Sales Process